Legends of Tomorrow Discussion: “Progeny”

Legends heads to a grim future of corporate feudalism and really bad gray suits, and addresses those perennial favorites of time-travel questions: if you could go back in time and kill Hitler Per Degaton while he was still a boy, whould you do it? Should you do it?

The consideration of the question is good, if not original. The execution of the show remains uneven, and it raises several questions:

Given that the Legends have changed the timeline so that Vandal Savage rises to power sooner, shouldn’t Rip Hunter’s backstory be altered? Does his dead son even exist now?

Never mind, will we see Hawkman’s resurrection? Will Kendra ever run into her past and future reincarnated selves?

Doesn’t it seem that Palmertech should have made more impressive advances in robot technology in so very many years? Or did corporate feudalism stall progress? (At the very least, I think they should have been represented by more impressive CGI).

Now that the writers remember that Jax and Stein can be Firestorm, shouldn’t his powers be more effective than what we see here?

Why didn’t the future Palmertech robots take out the Canary from a distance? Did they study with the Imperial Stormtroopers?

Why didn’t the Time Masters send the Hunters in the first place? Perhaps they were busy elsewhen, though. I hope they make for worthwhile opponents.

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  1. I am convinced that Legends of Tomorrow takes place in a universe where nobody ever made a time-travel movie, or wrote a time-travel book, or basically any kind of time-travel story ever existed and nobody every thought about it’s implications, since these guys seem to not have a CLUE as to what/why/how anything could ever go wrong.

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