Or come over to the dark side….

In a fit of either cluelessness or cackling villainy that will give conspiracy theorists fodder for years to come, the USA has launched a spy satellite with a world-squeezing octopus logo. Have political cartoons and pulp fiction taught them nothing?

In an unrelated science story, we may have already detected the elusive dark matter.

Up, up and away….

Retired astronaut Mark Kelly has joined the team at World View, offering private near-space balloon rides to paying customers. The first commercial flights should ascend in 2016.

From up above to down below….

Could churning, sub-ice oceans explain Europa’s strange surface?

And while claims that these oceans might contain life may or may not be bull, this recently unearthed marine reptile swam earth’s ancient seas.

Cosplay, Cons, Orphan Black, and a zombie alert follow the break:

The Itty Bitty trend in comics gives rise to this fan-feature: what if the characters in the brilliant Orphan Black played together as tykes?

And we bring you links to a Cosplay Showcase:

Cosplay in Thailand:

The Sci Fi World Stockholm Con:


those of you missing Walking Dead can enjoy a review of the Mocking Dead comic series in a couple of weeks, when the final(?) issue hits the stands.