After our last, science-heavy Newspace, we’re focussing on the fictitious fantastic this week. We bring your attnetion to the English version of an awesome independent horror short posted on Youtube a few months ago in Japanese (above), some Star Wars movie rumours, and a lot of archival Star Wars pics released by Peter Mayhew, the actor best-remembered as Chewbacca.

Meanwhile, over in the Marvel Movie ‘verse, both Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas will be playing Ant-man!

Are SF Cons fact or fiction? Check the videos below!

Taiyu Con 2014 Cosplay:

Girls Geeks– Tea-duelling at this weekend’s DarkCon:

Girls hanging with Geeks– Bit-part actress and model Paula Labaredas demonstrates cosplay from Star Wars, and other fantasy franchises (possibly NSFW):