No theme this week, but an interesting medley of reports:

The European Space Agency will launch P.L.A.T.O. by 2024,which will search for habitable extrasolar planets.

A universe based on quantum mechanics? MIT astronomers have proposed an experiment to test the last major loophole for Bell’s inequality.

Researchers have made lightweight, superstrong artificial muscles from the polymers used in fishing lines.

And we learn that a large moon may not be necessary for life to develop on a planet.

If you seek Kate Upton’s zero-gravity photoshoot, look for yourself, being wary of the many traps and videobaits. But below, we have a history of science-fiction predictions, some updates from the International Space Station, and cosplay from Katsucon:

When science-fiction predicts science fact:

Interview from the International Space Station:

And their weekly update:

Cosplay? Check out this video for Katsucon 2014: