‘Heroes’ returns in ’15

Fez alerted us to this story yesterday, and by now you may have heard:

Heroes will be returning for another season.

The popular show began with a strong first season– and then meandered into mediocrity, as no one seemed to know what to do next. Do we want to see another season? Can they get it right again? Or has time passed it by, with other superhero shows now drawing viewers?

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  1. Save the cheerleader ….. oh screw it. There’s no way in hell I’ll be watching this. Heros way a great concept that they epically botched.

    “Resurrecting the Skylar” should be considered an equivalent term to “Jumping the Shark”.

  2. The *only* way I can see this working is using the Anthology style format. New cast every year. Doesn’t matter how much someone was loved, toss ’em and focus on someone else. Nobody from the old crew. Some were too powerful, too nerfed, or otherwise blah.

    The idea was always good, it was the execution after S1 that sucked.

    • I agree with you, Fez. The basic concept of the show in season 1 was every day people learning they had extraordinary abilities, learning to cope with that reality, and then using those abilities to defeat a common threat/enemy. Scrap seasons 2 through 4 (I think it was 4) and bring in a new cast every season coming together to overcome a common problem/villain. And no more Hiro time freezing/time traveling/reset everything back to zero when a mistake is made type powers.

      Hell, go even further and occasionally have the villain(s) prevail.

      • Yep. Hiro, Peter, and Sylar all ended up too powerful. They nerfed Peter’s powers but then had no idea what to do with him. They need to define limits for them all and keep inside of those limits. There have been a few other shows with a similar theme (obviously, X-Men, but others like 4400, Alphas, The Tomorrow People) that took interesting turns but ultimately they all have failed (Tomorrow People hasn’t officially been canceled, but it may as well have been, CW announced early pickups for practically everything _but_ that show).

        And for the sake of everyone, no carnivals.

        • What the writers discovered was all the powerful heroes needed weaknesses, Hiro’s power was inconsistent (and unhealthy), Sylar after turning good was brain damaged, and Peter was just a moron.

          They dodged it when Sylar was superpowerful and they needed heavy hitters to take him out, but once they succeeded they either had to keep upping the stakes to justify the extra abilities or remove them.

          Presumably the re-boot involves a plan to avoid painting themselves into the same corner.

      • Essentially, yes, but instead of keeping cast and changing the theme, keep the theme and change the cast.

        Maybe old Heroes could show up in cameos/guest spots so long as they’re limited.

        This is assuming the “reborn” line lasts more than one season. It could be a one-and-done experiment.

        • Maybe keep the normals like HRG and change the supers. The company as a concept still had a lot of room to be explored.

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