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‘Heroes’ returns in ’15

Fez alerted us to this story yesterday, and by now you may have heard:

Heroes will be returning for another season.

The popular show began with a strong first season– and then meandered into mediocrity, as no one seemed to know what to do next. Do we want to see another season? Can they get it right again? Or has time passed it by, with other superhero shows now drawing viewers?

Heroes Discussion: “Brave New World”

This week, various characters rallied against Dirtbagneto Samuel, Sylar became a Good Guy, Hiro rediscovered his old love, Peter went all SuperMario after Emma, and geeky shippers waiting for a pay-off to the Claire/Gretchen romance were disappointed.

Heroes‘ ended what will likely could be its final episode with “To be continued.” We have the opportunity here at the Bureau to discuss the episode– and to suggest how the series might have lived up to its initial promise.

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Heroes Discussion: “The Wall”

Years of repression build a symbolic “Wall” around young Pink, who….

Wait, wrong Wall.

This week, we’re treated to Noah’s Frank Castle-like origins, Samuel’s continued Magneto-like schemes, and Pete’s heroic efforts. Will he and Sylar break free, or will they have to spend the rest of their lives in a reality less exciting than a late-season Heroes episode?

Heroes Discussion: “Pass/Fail”

Sylar decides that, all along, he just needed to be loved, Claire and Gretchen move a little closer to lovin’, Samuel visits an old love and then throws a tantrum, and Hiro’s “trial” includes a loving gesture.

Anyone giving any love to this episode? Pass? Fail? Would you prefix either of the previous two words with “epic?”