Happy Pi Day!

Also, we have some important birthdays for Saturday, March 15:

Below: Superman, SpaceX, space broadcast, meteors, galactic apocalypse, Randall Munroe, cosplay, and more!

Other than being a fictional character, I mean

Superman explains why he didn’t stop the Russian meteor. Physics ensues.

And speaking of hypothetical science…

Randall Munroe’s new book on the subject has already achieved bestseller status— despite not being out until September!

Maybe we’ll get refugees

See Hubble video of a galaxy being pulled to pieces.

Note: Subject probably does not leave actual body

University of Ottawa will be testing a subject who can induce ’Out of Body’ Experiences.

For your safety and comfort, please remain seated with your seat belt fastened until the Captain turns off the Fasten Seat Belt sign

This weekendLater this month, SpaceX will attempt their first soft landing of a heavy space vehicle.

But until you can afford a ticket…

You can check out Friday night’s National Geographic Special: from space!

Though I’m guessing a good number of you nerds already knew many of these:

Toronto Comiccon Cosplay (of course):

More Pi Day!

6 replies on “Newspace”

  1. OK, it’s official B42 is the “GREATEST. WEBSITE. EVER.”:

    Also, I couldn’t figure out how to resize the image so feel free to adjust it.

    On the other hand, Cosmos may have dropped a notch. She found out Neil deGrasse Tyson is the man responsible for demoting Pluto from a planet. As she has her name on the compact disc that went to Pluto with the [url=]New Horizons[/url] mission, she’s a little biased.

    Site Update: We could not get Ogre’s image to appear here either, so I’ve created a link in his name for this post. if you click on “Ogre” at the top, you’ll get the image he’s talking about– JD

  2. Actually two weekends time now for the Falcon 9 soft splashdown now. Can’t find if a reason has been given but launch is now aimed for the 30th.

  3. Vulch: Yep, they changed the date, and the article has been updated.

    Ogre: Hey, thanks! But in what way do you want the image resized? (Update: Oh, the image you attached. I’ll look into that).

    Also– he did do a corny shout-out to Pluto (“that includes Pluto” or some such) when the show visited the boondocks, so I hope that’s a mitigating factor for your daughter.

    • Yeah, I saw/understood his Pluto statement (and honestly, I agree completely with him – Pluto is a Kuiper belt object, not a planet), but she’s still not happy about it. That being said, she’s still looking forward to this weeks episode and after a recent STEM event at her school, she seems really gung ho to learn more about science. She’s more interested in energy conservation, pollution reduction, and saving cuddly animals right now, but I’ll work on getting her to a point where she’s looking to develop a new matter/anti-matter containment system that allows the flux capacitor to directly interface with the TARDIS while reducing the overall power consumption of the Stargate.

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