Comic Book Physics – Mutations and Evolution

This month’s entry into Comic Book Physics is really more Comic Book Biology, and specifically examines mutations and evolution. Feedback, as always, can be sent to [email protected]. Suggestions can be found here, and additions to that list can be mailed to the same email address as above. Finally, this podcast now appears in the iTunes store.

2 replies on “Comic Book Physics – Mutations and Evolution”

  1. *Hmmph* Your blatantly pro-science-biased introduction gives insufficient consideration of the theory that humans emerged from Ymir’s armpits.

    • The intervention of various Marvel deities is not the *only* explanation for the X-Men. Since magic exists in the Marvel Universe, “magic genes” could also exist. It’s a serious (and ridiculous) handwave, but it fits in terms of the universe’s rules.

      Perhaps someone traded a cow for some magic genes.

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