A Bit of Trek Series V News

A few days back, StarTrek.com posted a bit of info that may shed more light on the new series than Paramount may have intended. Michael Okuda has been named as Scenic Arts Supervisor. This probably means that we will be seeing a sequel to Voyager in the Star Trek timeline.

Okuda has been with the Star Trek franchise since 1986 and was responsible for quite a bit of TNG’s look and feel (including Geordi’s Visor).

This bodes well for the next series, but then, I may be reading too much into this. Any other thoughts?

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  1. Or it could mean…
    Or it could just mean that they are pulling over as much of the staff from Voyager as possible, knowing that they are good hardworking people and preferrring to keep with good hard working people.

  2. I agree
    I’m with democritus on this one. I think this is just a case of rouding up talented hard-working people who know how to work together before they find other jobs.

  3. stop while you’re ahead
    well, let’s see, the original series was fun…

    the next generation was decent…

    deep space nine was not sub-mediocre…

    i could never stay awake through the next

    one… could be why i forgot the name…

    gene roddenbury (sp?) is dead!

    if there’s a new cast, a new writer, a new setting, and a new purpose, how about some new ideas???

    what’s wrong with these hollywood types?!?

  4. oops
    geez–why don’t i proofread these things?

    okay, there’s no ‘not’.

    i was sub mediocre..

    deep space nine, that is.

  5. Tails, I couldn’t disagree more…
    I thought that DS9 was a far superior series than any

    of the other Trek incursions. Don’t get me wrong, I

    loved The Next Generation. But Deep Space Nine was

    light years ahead of TNG in terms of character

    development, story developments, and story arc. DS9 had

    a grittiness and reality that TNG couldn’t touch.

    I miss DS9….

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