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Saying Goodbye and Hello to the Enterprise

The aircraft carrier, USS Enterprise (CVN-65), went officially inactive on December 1 after over 50 years of active service in the US Navy. She is the second oldest ship in the US Navy, after the sailing ship Constitution.

Originally scheduled for decommission in 2015, she was retired early to make room in the fleet for the USS Gerald R. Ford. You can reread that previous sentence all you want, it won’t change, they are naming a ship after President Ford.

But, the good news for naval enthusiasts and Star Trek fans alike is that the US Navy won’t be long without a “Big E” in the fleet. During the inactivation ceremony, the Secretary of the Navy made a surprise announcement: The next carrier under construction (CVN-80) will carry the honored name of Enterprise.

So, for the super-Lucas-level-special-edition versions of TNG, will they add another model to the conference room wall?

“Shockwave” Rerun

If you missed it, the first season finale cliffhanger will be rerun this week, September 4th at 8pm (though you’ll want to double-check your local listings).

Great episode and a killer way to round out the first season.

Season Two begins September 18th.

That’s a wrap people!

According to the press release from Paramount.The first season of Enterprise officially wraps this Wednesday with a party for cast and crew. They just finished principle photography for the season finale, a cliffhanger titled “Shockwave.”

The final episodes for the season are as follows:

  • “Detained” — April 24
  • “Vox Solis” — May 1
  • “Fallen Hero” — May 8 (8:00)
  • “Desert Crossing” — May 8 (9:00)
  • “Two Days and Two Nights” — May 15
  • “Shockwave” — May 22

A Bit of Trek Series V News

A few days back, StarTrek.com posted a bit of info that may shed more light on the new series than Paramount may have intended. Michael Okuda has been named as Scenic Arts Supervisor. This probably means that we will be seeing a sequel to Voyager in the Star Trek timeline.

Okuda has been with the Star Trek franchise since 1986 and was responsible for quite a bit of TNG’s look and feel (including Geordi’s Visor).

This bodes well for the next series, but then, I may be reading too much into this. Any other thoughts?