3 replies on “Big Screen Batman #4: “Batman (1989)””

  1. It isn’t just the German Expressionist influence that makes the film memorable-looking, but the odd mix of things. As in Brazil, Blade Runner, and Max Headroom, we have a stylized world, made of bits and pieces of the past, present and future. You might expect Batman to exist in this world.

    As for the glasses– he doesn’t wear them as Batman. I always thought they were an affectation, a part of this film’s version of the Bruce Wayne persona.

    • If they were an affectation, why does he wear them when he’s alone in the Batcave? Or when it’s just Bruce and Alfred looking at files about his parents or Jack Napier?

      • Someone that obsessed plays his role at all times.

        I think the plot presents some slightly bigger issues but, yeah, it’s a memorable film that put Batman back into the mainstream.

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