Comic-reading Fools in the Rain:

Does it come in red?

NASA unveils its new Martian suit.

Speaking of aliens killed by the common cold….

Space scientists continue to work at preventing a Terran disease from laying waste to other worlds.

Red Planet

Therapy involving the blood of the young may slow aging and cure Alzheimers.


A heartwarming zombie film, some Spider-man silliness, a message from Penguicon (from a room party promoting Geek Fan Expo-related party, I’m informed), and, well, you know what day it is….

Steadfast Stanley from John Cody Kim on Vimeo.

Masked man in costume encourages kids to beat up another masked man in costume!

I really need to return to Penguicon, which happened this weekend. Anyway, somebody took this video (at a Geek Fan Expo Room Party, it turns out).

May the Fourth….