Just in time for Days of Future Past:

It’s not quite Back to the Future II‘s hoverboard

…or Blade Runner‘s flying cars, but this hoverbike will be on sale by 2017.

You never call, you never text

We appear to have found our sun’s long-lost sibling, a star birthed from the same stellar nursery.

A little closer to home

…find out how you can watch SpaceX’s Dragon capsule leave the International Space Station later this weekend.

And, even closer to earth, the pristine remains of a teenage girl from 13000 years ago have shed new light on the earliest human inhabitants of the Americas.

Video below: Crowdsourced live-action Akira, German Con Cosplay, and a superhero race:

A crowdsourced Akira project:

German Cosplay, Role Play Con 2014:

Ahd how about a Superhero Scramble Race from Florida?