2 replies on “Andromeda Discussion – “Conduit to Destiny””

  1. n8f8 says:

    Good Episode
    Pretty good episode tying up yet another loose end. Kind of odd placement in the middle of the other story arcs. At least we don’t have to deal with the wacky plotlines from last season.

  2. davatar2 says:

    After last 40 or so episodes, it seems we have some real sci-fi. Somehow I think this part of the story arc wasn’t a writer’s idea, but something gene roddenberry planned out a long time ago.

    FYI the “vortex” is a hypercube (4-dimensional cubic object) rotating, and being projected onto 3–>2 dimensions. That’s why it appears to change shape, it’s like looking at a square on a piece of paper from an angle – it looks like a parallelogram or trapezoid with perspective.

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