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  1. Not much this week

    BPRD: There’s Something Under My Bed, Hulk: Gray #3, and possibly some manga.

  2. Marvel
    I have something to bitch about – Marvel comics has gone so far into the licensing/properties business that they have decided to neglect the print side of their business. I recently tried to fill in some holes in my wife’s Electra subscription and was told that Marvel will not reprint issues and ONLY prints EXACTLY as many as are ordered. According to the owner of the comic book store I frequent the head of Marvel is on record as saying that he doesn’t care one bit about the print media side of their business anymore. It shows – Elektra is the only marvel title I have (except 1602 which I only have because of messr. Gaiman)

    • Re: Marvel
      Well, the licensing business is where they (both Marvel and DC, AFAIK) make their money, these days. So, if they’re losing money on the printing end, I suppose they’re not too apt to throw more money at it for the sake of a single customer. Didn’t Marvel go through a shake up in their top management recently? Maybe they’ll start improving, then.

    • Re: Marvel

      They’ve been doing this for a while and it’s a serious bone of contention among some retailers. It factors into Brian Hibbs’ class action suit against Marvel, though the main thrust of that suit has more to do with their return policy.

      Basically, it screws retailers, who have to try and accurately predict exactly how many copies they will sell of a given title. Naturally, they would have to do that anyway, but with other companies if they underestimate the demand on a title, they can reorder. Or if they overestimate they can return books. Not with Marvel. So, if they anticipate a high demand for a title but that demand doesn’t materialize (say, if a book is months late and the audience gives up waiting for it), then Marvel basically says “Screw you” to the retailers. Likewise if the demand on a title is more than anticipated. Retailers can’t reorder the book and there are strict limitations on returning overordered books.

      Hopefully with Jemas out this will change, but I doubt it.

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