Marvel Movies on the way

Comixfan had a chat with Marvel’s Avi Arad, who ran down a list
of Marvel properties coming to the large and small screens. You
can read about it here.
If you’re wondering about that “terrific star who always wanted to
be Nick Fury,” well, Ain’t It Cool News says that it’s Samuel L.
, which tells me that we’ll see Ultimate Nick Fury
instead of the regular MU Nick Fury. It’s probably not a bad idea
to use the Ultimate Universe characters for all of the Avenger
properties, but we’ll see what happens when Iron
and Captain America come out.

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  1. MU v Ultimate incarnations
    For the most part, I’ve liked the Ultimates universe. I don’t know much about Iron Man, but I doubt I’ll like him. Iron Man of the mid to late 80s always had special place in my heart… probably because it was the first book I picked up

    But I really don’t like what they did with Captain America in the Ultimates. At least in my mind, a critical aspect of Captain America is his Boy Scout heroism.

    In order for a heroic figure to work, the audience must have some connection with them. For many hero’s it is their mortality or frailty. Consider for a moment, the Punisher, we read about him because we can empathize with his rage. Or Spiderman works because we have felt guilt. In both these cases, the feelings of the character are on a scale beyond what many of us have expereinced, but can associate in kind, if not degree.

    Part of what we identify with in Captain America is justice. But the other thing we see in Captain America is his upstanding behavior.

    The function of a character like that in an ensamble cast is to provide the moral center for every body else.

    I think I’m rambling. I said some of this a few months ago in the AFI’s 100 Heros, 100 villans thread, but I don’t remember exactly how I put it.

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