Netflix rumored to get new Star Trek series

It’s a rumor that’s probably full of…um…high grade fertilizer, but it’s fun to speculate.

What would you like to see in a new Star Trek series? More prequel/reboot stuff? Back to the TNG/DS9/Voyager time period? Or go even farther into the future (the next-next generation)?

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  1. I’d prefer to see something like TNG/DS9/Voyager, maybe not in the exact same time period, but similar in style. For whatever reason I could not get into Enterprise at all. I tried, but it didn’t catch my like TNG, DS9, and Voyager all managed to do.

    Bonus points if they skew toward the Comedy side of Dramedy, maybe a little Camp for flavor.

    • Enterprise had lots of problems. One of the worst was that it was supposed to be lower-tech than the original series, but it just didn’t feel like it. The sets were too large. Frankly, it’s hard to do a sci-fi prequel and not have modern production values make it look more futuristic than the original, but they didn’t even seem to be trying.

      • I think the problem with Enterprise was the storytelling. TOS, Next Gen, and even Voyager all thrived on episodes that were essentially stand alone short stories. Occasional plot arcs such as the Borg generally hit, but they worked because they were exceptional circumstances. Voyager lost a lot of the Borg excitement by using them too often until they weren’t special anymore.

        DS9 did more of a modern style character drama and did a decent job, but that’s very hit/miss style of TV, Enterprise tried the same thing and missed.

  2. The problem is that the books have now got so interconnected and coherent that any new TV-canon in the 24th century would surely trample all over them, unless it was made in an unprecedented manner as the adaptation of some books. You could probably make a couple of completely awesome films from the Destiny trilogy, for example (maybe even get it in one film, but I think that might entail cutting too much).

    Other than that, I think they’d need to either go to the reboot timeline (but leave Kirk’s crew for the movies and tell a story of another ship) or go into the future again.

    But basically the story’s just a complete load of manure, so it’s not happening.

    • A new series would probably just ignore the books canon.

      I suspect they’ll use the reboot timeline anyhow but I doubt they’ll want to go into the future. Not only do you constrain future movie plots (you can’t threaten the existent of the Federation if it’s still around in the future) but it undercuts the fancy-tech of the movies. Best would be a completely different crew independently exploring the universe. Or hop back to the future in a non-rebooted timeline and give the tech a completely different look from the movies.

  3. Trek on TV would be nice, but Paramount tends to compartmentalize too much to really have TV and movies simultaneously work well. Not as bad as Warner Bros., but not Marvel/Disney, which is setting the new standard. If we get a new TV series, I’d like to see it set in the TNG/DS9/Voyager era, but have it follow the new movie continuity. This will give them the opportunity to do more of the cerebral stuff that made Trek so great, but still give us something new by giving us a wholly new cast of characters in a new future for new audiences, with space for some minor nods for classics. (e.g. new version of Worf or such, but most human characters we know wouldn’t even exist because of the changed timeline.)

    • That’s a fascinating concept, but I don’t want to see it. Well, if there’s enough Trek to go around, sure, but since this would be the only shot at something like new Trek TV, I’d want to see some post Nemesis time line. A sequel to the classic universe, but not quite another generation later, such as an young ensign Naomi Wildman joining the Excelsior crew as the first episode.

  4. Here’s my take on a new Trek.

    Michael Dorn has already expressed an interest in putting on the prosthetics for Worf, so give him his own ship. Make it a science vessel because Starfleet just doesn’t trust him with anything too powerful. It’ll add friction to the story. Have the story take place in the aftermath of the Romulus disaster mentioned in the 2009 film. That puts us after the timeline split. This upheaval throws the balance of power into flux. Klingons are chomping at the bit to take Romulan territory. Cardassians are eager to reclaim some glory after the Dominion destroyed their homeworld. And the Federation just trying to keep the peace.

    Crew the ship with new characters, maybe pull in one of the Voyager kids (like Lex suggested). With Worf and that character, you then have opportunities for cameos from three of the series.

    Make the show in arcs or mini-movies. Since it’s Netflix, you’re not locked into the standard “season” blocks that TV has. I’m of a mixed mind on it, but the virtual sets idea (Sky Captain / BSG: Blood and Chrome) would keep production costs way down and allow the cast and crew to film sporadically.

    Just my $0.02. Your mileage may vary.

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