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“The Punisher” – TV Review

Marvel’s latest Netflix series went live on November 17, headlining the Marvel hero I dislike the most. There is no character that has ever had his or her own ongoing title by Marvel that I am less interested in reading about than The Punisher, and that’s including characters like US 1, the trucker who picks up CB radio signals through a metal plate in his skull. Is the series worth checking out?

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Dark Crystal Series Coming to Netflix

Jim Henson’s visually stunning epic, The Dark Crystal, amazed (and terrified) children in the 1980’s. Now the company he founded is bringing the world to life again in a new series for Netflix. Puppets and all!

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance doesn’t appear to have a release date yet. Here’s the Press Release from The Jim Henson Company.

TV Review – “Iron Fist: Season One”

Marvel’s latest entry has been getting an unduly bad wrap. I’ve moved away from written reviews as a way to manage my tendinitis, hence all the podcasts, but this is getting so much negative criticism that I disagree with that I had to say my piece. It’s not perfect, and it’s probably the weakest of the Marvel Netflix series, but naming the weakest Marvel Netflix series is like naming the shortest player in the starting lineup of a professional basketball team. This is flawed, but it’s still good.

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