The first Newspace of the summer arrives a bit late, and we have a mish-mash of items from the last few weeks, including this new behind-the-scenes Flash promo:

Russia’s next attempt to launch a post-Soviet-era rocket will take place on July 9.

NASA’s Mars-and-Beyond rocket passed a critical design review.

Bell’s Brewery, MI, will market planetary beer beginning this August through to July 2015. While Holst’s music, in fact, inspired the series, I still have to wonder what the relative gravity of each beer will be.

(Or how many jokes will be made at the expense of the fact that Uranus will be a Black Double).

Trending chimps, fracking earthquakes, autistic genes, Fantasy Con highlights, role-playing fantasy characters, League of Legends cosplay, prosthetic-wearing dwarves, and student zombies follow:

(Breaking item: Superman [‘s copyright holder] is a dick).
UPDATE: DC has changed its corporate mind and will allow the statue to feature the logo.

Hydro-Fracking may be causing minor earthquakes.

Researcher at thirteen institutions have expanded our understanding of the genetic factor in autism.

Meanwhile, it appears that groups of chimps are susceptible to both trendiness and traditionalism.

And we have some fun videos, including:

Cubicles and Careers (for those who haven’t seen it yet):

Another Zombie Film, made by highschoolers in 2013, and posted in online a few weeks ago:

Cosplay from Anime Con 2014:

And Fantasy Con footage from Utah…

…Including this Hobbit dwarf panel excerpt:

Not our Sponsor, but still…

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  1. We (my family and I) were in Oklahoma a couple of week ago and felt those Earthquakes. Twice we were woken by earthquakes above a 4.0. Everyone seemed to know it was fraking, but that didn’t seem to be enough to make anyone want to stop it.

    • Community activism is a strange thing. You’ll sometimes get people organized around threats not supported by any real science, while other, more obvious, actual dangers / issues get met with apathy.

      As the idiom says, we love rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

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