Tonight we celebrate the Forty-fifth Anniversary of the moon landing.
Check out the coverage, especially tonight.

At present, however, NASA remains something of a hostage to the Russians, who provide transport. Hopefully, private and other international efforts will continue.

For those of you less moonstruck, some Con and Cosplay video follows:

Detcon 1—the WorldCon for North Americans who cannot make it to London, England this year-—wraps up today.

Thus far, though, all anyone has posted are kinderfilk sessions. Enjoy!

I’ll add anything interesting that gets posted Monday.

This weekend also sees the The International Dota 2 Championship in Seattle, which has drawn out some cosplayers:

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  1. A friend writes the following from Detcon1 (reprinted with permission):

    The con was good, lots of interesting panels on Thursday and Friday.
    Less so on Saturday ( for me anyway)

    I found out that Steven Barnes is writing a sequel to my favorite book by him, and one of my favorites overall, the kundalini equation. It’s only been 30 years after all since the first one.

    There was a “welcome to nightvale” panel that was mostly an intro and rah rah session but it was fun. It was also attended by the faceless old woman who lives in your home.

    There were some good parties and interesting costumes.

    The con suite had lots of snacks as always but due to a shortage of party rooms courtesy of the hotel, they had to shut it down each evening for a while so that a party could prep and use it.

    There were 1300 pre registrations plus apparently a lot of walkins so it was likely we’ll over 1500 people.
    The ren center is an interesting if oddly laid out place. Lots of circular layouts of open space, gm’s entire 2014 lineup on site,
    I liked it but some people didn’t.

    The elevators were awesome, nothing like a high speed 60+ floor drop to add to your day.
    Not a lot of waiting either

    There was a very cool panel on Saturday about science fiction that isn’t fiction anymore. They discussed items of past stories that have become reality and some that have for good or ill not come true. Yay, no use of tactical battlefield nukes! Boo, no common flying cars and jet packs.

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