writes, With less than two weeks to go before the
Dec. 9 Firefly DVD release, I thought I’d share some of
the ancillary Firefly activities I’ve been covering over on
(unabashed plug) my
SciScoop website
. The latest newsstand issue of
SFX, a British sci-fi magazine, has an excellent 1
page article full of color photographs, spoiler-free reviews
and Joss’ comments on all the Firefly episodes as well as
some information on the upcoming Firefly movie. Joss
will be discussing the Firefly DVD and upcoming movie at
the L.A. Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention on
December 21. Early
DVD reviews
are giving the DVD package five of five
stars, naturally. A
Firefly fan
has produced a Firefly commentary DVD
project of his own as part of his work towards a Master’s
degree in Communications. His DVD is available via email
request from his webpage, which includes a pretty good
four-minute intro video clip entitled “What Is Firefly?” in
both RealMedia and Windows format. Wavsite as well as
a new, pretty good fanzine site start-up called “Still
“, which is of course the Firefly motto. Of
particular Also up are some great Firefly
audio clips
at interest in this initial effort are the
extensive list of other Firefly site links and an exclusive
interview with Jewel
I don’t have time to check out all of those links, but
it looks good to me.