Black Widow and the Fake Geek Girl:

You can’t take the ‘verse from me….

The entire Firefly cast will be reuniting for the forthcoming Firefly Online videogame.

And don’t forget to check out the free candy

Eight young Orange County girls found creepy doll doppelgängers outside their homes this week. Police have discovered the source of the unexpected gifts, apparently offered with good intentions.

Not to mention the hopes for fun-filled alien beaches

Extrasolar planets may contain less water than expected, problematizing the search for life elsewhere.

Don’t send Mark Wahlberg after them. You might not like what he finds.

Russians have lost contact with a spacecraft carrying sexually active geckos.

IDW and Boom! have announced a (classic version) Planet of the Apes / Star Trek crossover comic series. The Klingons back the gorillas; Kirk emotes with Taylor.

Several 2014 San Diego Comic Con videos follow (with updates all weekend), below:

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    • “I’m only a doctor, I’m not an orangutan!”

      I cannot stop laughing, imagining Heston and Shatner together.

      • If that series is good, great. If it’s bad…. That might actually be better.
        Either way, we need soundalikes to perform this on Youtube.

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