CFQ To Publish Firefly Episode Guide

rickyjames writes, CFQ magazine (formerly known as Cinefantastique) is going to print a Firefly episode guide in an upcoming issue; watch your local newsstand! Their various sci-fi series ep guides and ratings are widely viewed as an industry-standard; the fact they are doing one on Firefly is a great thing. In the meantime, the article text is going up in serialized format here.

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  1. Most telling comment

    "JOSS WHEDON: Overall, the more I watched, the angrier I got. I think
    some of the best stuff we’ve ever done is in that show."

    I feel the same way. This was a very good interview, I can’t wait for the
    rest of the series. Any ideas of how often they are going to be?

    Can’t wait for the 9th!

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