Where no fan has gone before

Star Trek Axanar, the forthcoming fan film, has a kickstarter and a prelude movie.

Why does no one pay heed to my warning?.. When the monster Ghidrah passes, only flaming ruins are left!

Japan is recruiting air force personnel for a Space Force that will protect the earth from alien invaders space debris! Initially, they will be using telescopes and radar.

Still bitter over the Cold Fusion Debacle of ’89

NASA has tested a seemingly impossible engine that could advance space travel significantly. Results look tentatively good, though the possibility of lab error cannot be discounted yet.

There’s a rest of the world?

The Amazon still holds tribes that have had no direct contact with the modern world

While Forbes reminds us why we need science unencumbered by politics.

Frak Santa! I want my talking raccoon!

Fans attending some premieres of The Guardians of the Galaxy were shown a slightly different film than they expected.

Leonard Nimoy Skypes, and more video, below:

Someone recorded part of Leonard Nimoy’s Skype to Maryland’s Shore Leave Con this past weekend:

And here’s another (belated) SDCC video. This one actually deals with comics at Comic Con– and the fact that not all comics are worth big money.

Axanar Trailer: