The Definitive Guide to the DC Universe… For now!

And speaking of Darkseid, the Net has been awash with rumors this week that Disney will release the original Star Wars trilogy theatrical versions on Blu-Ray. It’s likely wishful thinking, but we can all revel in this new hope for now….

…at least until it gets shot down as flaming garbage:

The ISS released a garbage-filled Cygnus, which had its swan song earlier this week in earth’s atmosphere.

Loncon 3 (World Science Fiction Con 72) and Gen Con 2014, as seen by attendees, below:

Some fans have posted videos of Loncon 3:

Fantasy Flight Games vlogged all five days of Gen Con, Indianapolis, starting here:

And here’s the Cosplay Parade:

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    • I don’t see it happening (at least soon), but it’s a bewildering decision. Many movies have sold various editions, and this one would make another fortune for Star Wars. Is this just about pride? Does Lucas fear people might prefer his “half-finished film”?

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