Knew this kid awhile back, at the end of the last century. Since then, he’s joined the rest of us (ok, some of us) in the working world but, turns out, he’s also been doing webcomix under the handle “Tailsteak.” Most of these include at least some genre element….

His main menu is here, where you’ll find a variety of comix and ruminations, including his series-in-progress shaw, wherein humans ferry aliens, blue android, whose title gives some indication of the content, and band, concerning teenage suburbanites who encounter a mysterious creature. (Tip: click on the arrows with the graphics to get the next comic).

He has a fair readership. Much of it he acquired with his first comic, I/0, now defunct and archived. I was unaware of any of this until a couple of days ago.

Interestingly (well, maybe not to you), Tailsteak has acknowledged that the I/O character “Terra,” who first appears in strip #215, was inspired by my friend Tanja, whom he knew back in the day when she was my Teen Sidekick TM