Is this the real life?

Reprogrammed cells have been used to build a functional organ.

Is this just fantasy?

Fan view of Anime Revolution Vancouver

Galileo, Galileo

The recent launch of the Soyuz-Fregat to position Galileo satellites proves unsuccessful, as the navigation satellites have been left in a “useless” orbit.

And SpaceX experienced a setback on Friday, when a three-engine version of the F9R test vehicle exploded.

Figaro, magnifico…

Nearly twenty lifts later, the charming Hitchbot has completed its cross-Canada journey. My favorite moment may be Hitch beside a B.C. mammoth.

Also, that pristine copy of Action #1 that was up for bid on ebay? It sold last night for $3.2 million!

Wizard World ComicCon Chicago, and some Con Ice Bucket challenges, below:

Wizard World Chicago Comiccon— including a Stan Lee ice bucket challenge

Ice Bucket Challenge at Power MorphiCon 2014