Piano Guys: Batman Evolution

Another robot joins the Martian population

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission satellite joins Maven around the red planet.

And speaking of Mars…

High Point

Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy, the novel series that sparked the hard SF Renaissance in the 1990s, will become a TV show!

Low Point

…on Spike. I’ll be adopting a “wait and see” attitude.

Some planets contain organic life

Of course, earth still reveals surprises, like this recently-discovered species of teeny-tiny poisonous frog.

Will the Phone Booth be Sports Car Red?

Those other heroes travelling through time in a phone booth, Bill and Ted, will receive another sequel. This one will address the slackers’ middle-aged adventures.

Cons After the Break

This week’s Con/Cosplay videos come from Copa Cosplay Pacifico (Mexico) and Long Beach Comic-Con.