Will Cumberbatch be Marvel’s new Doctor Strange?

Strange as it seems, Benedict Cumberbatch apparently feels he hasn’t been in enough nerdy franchises. How else to explain the fact that he’s in talks to play Stephen Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Update: The casting appears to be confirmed.

6 replies on “Will Cumberbatch be Marvel’s new Doctor Strange?”

  1. I’m not sure about this. I like him as Sherlock and such, but for this role I’ll have to wait and see.

    • Sherlock is why this excites me. Look at Doctor Strange’s origin story: he’s a brilliant man whose main problem was his own arrogance. Cumberbatch can nail that.

      • I have no doubts about his abilities as an actor, but sometimes even the best actors don’t quite fit a given role entirely.

        Of the various proposals floating around (real and fake) I think Hugh Laurie was my favorite choice so far.

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