It’s the small things…

Two new subatomic particles, Xi_b’- and Xi_b*-, have been detected at the CERN Large Hardon Collider….

While Philae detects organic molecules on its comet.

Space Race ’14

A British-led consortium plans to land a probe on the moon’s south pole and examine its suitability for a moonbase—and they have a Kickstarter.

The Russians, meanwhile, have launched something into space.

Can synesthesia be learned? And will it boost intelligence?

Even if this doesn’t turn out to be the case, I love this University of Sussex study for making those headlines possible.

And (as always) Fen continue to be Fen

Cosplay and musical performance from recent Cons. below:

Blizzcon Cosplay:

Copy Red Leader perform at the opening ceremonies for SFContario:

(a good Con, underattended in its fifth year)

And Crimson Clocks perform at Novacon: