Orci Out as Director of Next Star Trek Film

Due out in 2016 for Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, would-be-first-time director (and multiple time screenwriter) Robert Orci is apparently off the project. In his own words: “Yeah guys, it’s true, I was blown out because the studio said the script sucked.”

There you have it.

With regard to the leaked plot summery:  “No time travel was ever considered, fyi.” Of course, this is the same guy that insisted there was no Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, so take it with a grain of salt.

He also stated that this does not jeopardize the 2016 release date. I imagine Paramount/CBS is counting on this film to be the centerpiece of a year-long Star Trek nostalgia-fest.

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  1. Apparently, Jonathon Frakes has expressed an interest in taking the helm. From Frakes himself: “I say, unabashedly, I’d be great at it and would love to do it.”

    I say, “Yes, please.”

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