Yet Another Superhero Prequel Show in the Works

With the success of Gotham seemingly established, Syfy has announced Krypton, a series that takes place before Superman’s home planet blows up. Apparently, Grandpa El will be a central figure.

No, this is not an Onion story.

“Interestingly,” the AVClub’s Sam Barsanti writes, “the character of Superman’s grandfather is relatively unexplored in the comics.” I don’t suppose that has a lot to do with him not being very interesting. Then again, maybe this will be the surprise breakout doomed alien civilization series of next season.

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    • While there is a bit of WTF here, I could see this working if for no other reason than they’re in uncharted territory. Few have done much with that setting and of what I’ve seen none have been consistent.

      So at least they wouldn’t be stepping on anyone’s toes, canon-wise, just by existing.

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