We haven’t run Newspace for awhile, so we have a broad range of items for you….

SpaceX experienced a bit of a setback recently–

–but they have big plans for their internet satellite program. They even want to use the profits of this venture to help colonize Mars.

Below: The Toy Avengers Helicarrier, Anime Con Trivia, Bill Gates gets wasted, and more!

These guys have built the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier– on a smaller scale:

Enjoy some Anime Con Trivia:

Bill Gates has invested on building a better toilet; it even serves drinks!

Someone built a word processor in Minecraft!

Thanks to the well-to-do Tinfoil Hatters, we have a ‘Disneyland’ Measles Outbreak.

Finally, for no really good reason: