Mars One has moved its deadline back two years, creating further doubts about the project. Organizers stand behind their plan to send colonists one-way to the planet, but I’d bet my last red cent they won’t be launching anytime soon.

Pliocene Park

Scientists have successfully implanted mammoth DNA into elephant cells. The achievement has a number of implications– but don’t expect mammoths to roam any sooner than we’ll get to Mars.

They’re more Twilight-sparkly than Stoker-bloody

Upon reflection, biology has names for two new species of vampire crab.

Footage from this past weekend’s Toronto Comic-Con, below:

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    • You’re probably right– though we could then play the semantics game of what % mammoth constitutes a mammoth (Midwestern mammoth steaks– now with 10% more mammoth!). A more practical use of this technology would be to reintroduce greater biodiversity to endangered but still extant species.

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