NASA will continue to work with Russia on the ISS, but currently have no plans to collaborate on a successor space station. Meanwhile, an astronaut from each country prepares for a year in space:

Yeah, but is there one for The Jetsons?

This Instagram presents images that could be from Blade Runner: located in the actual twenty-first century.

Commander Salamander

An ancient lake bed in Portugal yields the remains of a gigantic prehistoric amphibian.

“Nerd life you live in it / no types prohibited...

GenCon may leave Indiana over that state’s recently-passed, problematically-named “Religious Freedom Restoration Act.”


Comic-Cons and Cosplay in Utrecht and Seattle, below:

Utrecht’s Dutch Comic-Con:

Seattle’s Emerald City Comic-Con:

3 replies on “Newspace”

  1. Dear GenCon,

    Denver has this massive, state-of-the-art Convention Center. Right in Downtown and connected to hotels and light rail.

    Also legalized pot.

    Just sayin’.

    • I have, in fact, been to that massive, state-of-the-art Convention Center. It’s really quite massive.

      The current “Full Frontal Nerdity” comic makes a not dissimilar pitch for their fictional city. Actually, I imagine quite a few people are making this pitch to GenCon about now.

      • They do a pretty good job with the Denver ComicCon, but I would love to see a straight-up gaming convention come to town.

        If you’re back at the Convention Center, drop me a line. I currently work a block from it.

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