3 replies on “X-Men (2000): Silver Screen Super Heroes #29”

    • Agreed – it’s the reason I keep listening. :-)
      For example, I remembering hearing Dougray Scott turned down X-Men to do MI2, so getting the real story around the broken collar bone was great!

      • Good to know. I’m never sure how much to include. For example, I was concerned about total runtime, so I left out the part where Hugh Jackman had to leave Australia in such a hurry he forgot his passport. Canadian customs almost didn’t let him through, but when the guard learned that he was trying to get into the country to read for Wolverine, he let him through in exchange for an autograph. The guard’s younger brother loved Wolverine and would really enjoy having the actor’s autograph. Doesn’t say much for our national security, but it’s still amusing.

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