Free Comic Book Day….

…came and went once more. Here’s how it looked from my pov:

May the Fourth be With You… And pass the frappuccino!

For May the 4th, the crew of the ISS watched Star Wars in space! Meanwhile, Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who recently wore a Star Trek uniform on the station, used it to brew the first space-espresso yesterday, using the machine they received a couple of weeks ago:

Some real-world comic-book technology, cosplay, Lois Lane dickery, and more, below:

It’s not the Helicarrier, but NASA’s latest take on a heliplane is hella awesome:

No Mouse-ter Fantastic or Rodent Torch! Mice zapped with cosmic rays developed cognitive difficulties. No word on what happens to turtles exposed to powerful mutagens, but this discovery could slow down progress in space travel.

Marvel launched that FF rocket in the 1960s! In reality, we now have competing private space firms, so here’s someone’s view on how they compare:

Over at DC, Lois Lane doxxes Superman! Reboot at 11:00

Of course, we have some cosplay, this time from Tenoshiicon 2015 in West Chester, Pennsylvania:

That Con also gave us this novel Teen Titan panel:

Finally, it’s not the forthcoming Disney film, but some of you might enjoy this video from Tomorrowland Brazil 2015, which also happened this weekend:

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  1. I really hope the current DC multi-crossover alternate universe storyline whatever-it’s-about blows everything up and they can get back to a Superman who has something to do with, you know, Superman.

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