First Look at Supergirl and Limitless TV Series

CBS unveiled several trailers for their new Fall shows. Two of which might interest genre fans. Supergirl, which follows the cousin of Metropolis’ most famous son. The other is Limitless, a spin-off of the 2011 Bradley Cooper film of the same name.



3 replies on “First Look at Supergirl and Limitless TV Series”

  1. 90% of the Supergirl trailer feels like a parody– but the ending shows some potential.
    Also– do we need to watch the first ep after that trailer? It pretty much shows us everything.

    • It’s more of a first-look. I think it’s what the networks show to local affiliates and advertisers to get them excited about the coming season.

  2. I will undoubtedly watch Supergirl, but I’m not holding out much hope for its longevity based on the preview. I hope there is much more to it than that but at least it looks (mostly) fun.

    Limitless looks good also. I enjoyed the movie, may give the series a try and see how it goes. Seems like a decent premise for a show, but time will tell.

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