Check out the first Webisodes of “Justice League: Gods and Monsters”

A new series from Bruce Timm, the guy that brought us the Batman, Superman, and Justice League cartoons from the 90’s and early 2000’s. This is an extremely dark take on the classic trio of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. While not rated in the usual film sense, I would put these in the PG-13 category (if not higher in some situations).

Each episode runs about six minutes. When the series wraps in July, a Direct-to-DVD movie will be released.




5 replies on “Check out the first Webisodes of “Justice League: Gods and Monsters””

  1. The Superman story works the best, IMO, and would be even more powerful in continuity. The Wonder Woman one was the weakest. There’s nothing inherently wrong with giving WW a libido and putting Harley in lingerie is old news at this point, but I have to wonder why “dark and edgy” in mainstream comix automatically means the female characters have their sexuality put front and centre.

  2. OK, a correction to my initial post: The three episodes here are it for Season One. Then the DVD will be released next month. Another ten episodes for Season Two will debut in 2016.

  3. Really liked the Supeman episode, but yeah, agree with JD on Wonder Woman’s.

    And what was up with the end of that Batman episode? That, just… Huh?!?

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