Did I oversleep?

Doubtless you’ve heard that Rosetta’s Philae lander woke up on the weekend, and could be transmitting new messages very soon.

3-D Printers Prove their Mettle

The Dutch will be 3-D printing a steel bridge

Did anyone get that on video?

Forget the surveillance threat of those quadcopters with GoPros; check out the hi-res shots of earth from the ISS:

More video below, including Robo-Salad, a terrific hand-laser, belated but beautiful Con Cosplay, a superhero run, and a real museum for fans.

Salad to go?

Chiba (Japan)’s Niconico Chokaigi:

The sort of weapon we all figured this century would bring:

Cosplay at Atlanta’s MomoCon 2015

How about a Superhero Run?

And finally, a real museum for fans: