Robo-Cup Soccer!

Speaking of robots, a company in Japan hopes to have a fleet of Robo-taxis ready in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

We’ve been hearing a lot of reports like this one in the news about Shawyer’s supposed “impossible” EM drive, but we really need to approach the claims with cautious optimism.

Below: 3-D printed electronics, the search for ET, a stalled Batmobile, and more:

3-D printed electronics:

A Russian tech tycoon has just given the search for ET just received a massive funding increase:

Timely, given the recent identification of one of the most earth-like of the known extrasolar planets:

(But when will it have a name other than Kepler-452B?)

In Ontario, Canada, a Batmobile with engine trouble caused a traffic snarl.

Oh, and there’s some kind of Con in Indianapolis this weekend…

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