9 replies on “Deadpool Trailer Is Here”

  1. I love the Green Lantern dig “And please don’t make the super suit green! OR ANIMATED!”

    Looks excellent so far, but only time will tell how the finished product turns out.

  2. Uses a lot of footage from the previously leaked reel, so it loses some of its impact. Personally the teaser released the day before was better for me. Probably wouldn’t feel that way if this was a fresh viewing, though.

    Also, the inevitable cameo needs the line “Oh my god! You’re Stan Lee!”

  3. I am really, really, really hoping that this movie doesn’t end up being crude and immature.

    YES, I know Deadpool is sometimes crude and immature. And by “sometimes” I mean “usually”. And by “crude and immature” I mean “crude and immature”. But Deadpool’s character actually has some depth. He’s not a 2-dimentional cut-out. I know (and am happy) this movie is going for “ridiculous over-the-top” and that’s great, I just hope they don’t cross the line into “gratuitous” and stupid.

    …because dammit I want sequels.

  4. Yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up, yet. Really confused why they picked Colossus to be in the movie, but I suppose we’ll see…

    • Hey as long as he’s not a silent background character, I’m all for it. Might be an easy way to introduce him into the Fox-Marvel-verse before the next X-Men film seeing as this film is less cluttered. Plus, an indestructible mutant is a perfect foil for the level of mayhem and disaster this film promises.

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