Reeling over the revelation that, in the new Fantastic Four film, “It’s clobbering time!” was what Ben’s abusive brother used to say before beating him up? Well, perhaps Newspace will cheer you up!

As you doubtless read, Hitchbot, the hitch-hiking robot that has previously crossed Canada and Germany (among other places), lasted two weeks crossing the U.S. before some asshats destroyed him.

Lexus made a working hoverboard!

…But not really. It only rides under very specific circumstances. In short, it’s a marketing stunt and, while it works, it’s not yet a viable board.

Hmm. Not very cheery after all.

The Science News gets a little better below….

We’ve found the source of the liver’s ability to regenerate its tissues.

An amateur HAM radio operator managed to contact the International Space Station. Of course, HAM Radio has had some competition in the last twenty or so year:

Okay. Maybe this cosplay Starfire will cheer you up: