Canadian-based Thoth Technology has patented a Space elevator.

No word on when it might be completed. We bet you’ll get space lettuce first:

It looks like we might be getting a Xena reboot. Curiously, the remains of a possible real-life ancient warrior princess have turned up in Kazakhstan.

Below: a couple go Simpsons, Maryland’s Route 29 Batman meets a tragic end, and more.

Lenny Robinson, the Route 29 Batman, died this week after his Bat-lamborgini broke down and he was struck by another car. R.I.P.

Superheroes mourn his passing and give tributes.

How do you teach robots to collaborate? Have them serve beer!

A Calgary couple have replicated the Simpsons kitchen in their home:

And- can we blame Nixon for our lack of a Mars colony in the twenty-first century?