Fear the Walking Discussion: “So Close, Yet So Far”

The second episode of Fear the Walking Dead picks up the slow pace a little, as characters begin to realize the end actually is nigh. The show created an impressive sense of creeping menace and suspense, but I still don’t especially care about any of these characters.

The best I can say is they’re more interesting than anyone on the MTV VMAs.

Anyone else?

4 replies on “Fear the Walking Discussion: “So Close, Yet So Far””

  1. OK. Now I want to see the episode where the zombies invade the VMAs. It would be the best popcorn TV in decades.

  2. Yeah, its moving along faster. They’re still missing on a few things.

    My big peeve is why the heck no one believes that the girl, who they’ve previously insinuated is really smart, can’t have what is happening explained to her in _any_ fashion. I mean our characters still aren’t clear on everything, but at the end her Mom sure as hell could have said “look I just beat the principle to death with a fire extinguisher because he had turned into this flesh craving monster and was attacking one of your fellow students. And I’m sorry all indications point to your sick boyfriend turning into a (hmmm what to call it, zombie maybe ;-) and trying to eat people too.” There is no excuse, except for the suspense level on the show, for keeping her in the dark. Also, did her brother seize on demand to keep her from going outside, really??

    • I wondered about the lack of explanation. Good observation.
      I’m willing to accept Seizure on Demand, however (which I think comes with the new cable package, for those who still get cable), because the stress might have brought it on.

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