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Fear the Walking Discussion: “Not Fade Away”

The reality is not that Teh Government is manipulating things in a Grand Conspiracy. It’s that government agencies behave in often unsavory and conspiratorial ways in order to control situations and genuine threats they only imperfectly understand.

A week has passed since the previous episode, and the characters (un)settle into life in a (un) safe zone. Someone signals from without, and Nick’s addiction creates problems within.

Fear the Walking Dead Discussion: “The Dog”

Fear the Walking Dead returns with a frequently frightening episode that matches, at least, what I was expecting. We’re seeing the sort of thing the survivors went through while Rick slept through the apocalypse, that led them to live together. It’s just happening with less interesting characters. Overall, this week’s episode improves on its predecessors.

Fear the Walking Dead Review: “Pilot”

The Walking Dead skipped the end of the world. Rather than show the rise of the zombies—that’s been done to death—it brought us into the already wasted-land through the eyes of Rick Grimes, who slept through the apocalypse. The spin-off shambles back to those early days, when the world began to end. Can it sustain this premise, by going into a level of detail that would have been beyond the classic zombie films?

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