We can (and likely should) laugh at the tinfoil hatters and tome thumpers predicting that The End will come (or at least commence) next Wednesday, September 23, but I can think of no clearer Sign of the Apocalypse than the possibility that Apocaylpse the Memoir, a self-published book, might actually add something new to the overworn Romero zombie genre. One Charlotte Oliver has penned a teen road-trip zombie book and will be promoting it by taking the novel’s route and appearing at diners, motels, truck stops, and roadside attractions., bound, like her heroine, for Vegas.

(Okay. It sounds just a little like Zombieland).

We shamble on to some interesting science-related stories and videos, below:

Forget the shambling dead! The paralyzed living may one day walk:

And for those who need the rest, this People-Mover has a sort of retro space-age look:

While SpaceX reveals that its new capsule will bring a little more luxurious and style to the new Space Age:

Meanwhile, a GoPro launched and lost in 2013 turns up with some grand footage: