Supergirl faces one of Superman’s villains (in fairly well-done fight scenes), we learn more about Maxwell Lord, and the Man of Steel puts in a cameo. We have no review this week, but I have a couple of lingering questions that might kick-start discussion:

I understand that the show (1) wants to address why Superman doesn’t just show up when Kara faces trouble and (2) tell the story of Supergirl establishing herself. While these are good things, Supergirl faces a villain this week who has fought Superman and walked away. Wouldn’t an organized, two-Kryptonian approach make sense in this particular case? Shouldn’t they even float the idea?

Why is it such a big idea that Supergirl drops her relationship to Superman? Yes, one of his villains targets her but, honestly, wouldn’t everyone assume that a second survivor of his doomed planet, with the same powers, wearing a matching outfit, performing similar public service, feels some kinship to him? How does using the word cousin make her more of a target?

James Olsen has the signal watch. How cool is that?