Happy New Year!

Check below for some recent and past-year stories of interest to Bureau browsers:

SpaceX’s upright landing last week of their Falcon-9 craft cuts the cost of spaceflight:

NASA intends to have a deep=space habitat by 2018:

That most-iconic of dinosaurs, the brontosaurus, has for decades been dismissed as an example of the apatosaurus, a creature discovered earlier. In 2015, it thundered back into the textbooks as, likely, a species in its own right:

A team in Ethiopia found the oldest example of homo yet discovered while, in South Africa, one of the largest caches of ancestral human remains turned up. More recently, in China, bones have been discovered belonging, possibly, to a previously unknown hominid species.

New Horizons made its historic flyby of Pluto:

And (of course) Cosplayers are gonna Cosplay:

Which stories did we miss?

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  1. I hope everyone had a wonderful celebration of the end of Earth’s arbitrarily-designated solar cycle! Best wishes for our next trip around Sol!

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