Legends of Tomorrow Discussion: “Blood Ties”

This week brings us Rip and Canary continuing their 1970s shenanigans, Atom making a fantastic voyage, Cold meeting his cool younger self, and the show making cryptic references….

“Blood Ties” foreshadows the forthcoming appearance by Jonah Hex, but also rips a line about “men of steel” and “dark knights.” Do Superman and Batman exist in this universe, after all (perhaps due to the Flash’s forthcoming crossover with Supergirl)? Will they exist at some future date? Or is the reference a throwaway?

3 replies on “Legends of Tomorrow Discussion: “Blood Ties””

  1. Is it nitpicking to ask why the brilliant Vandal Savage keeps *all* his money in one bank with insufficient security and insurance?

  2. I know Arrow and Flash often get called out for the characters doing stupid things, but this episode just blew me away.

    Rip kills Vandal Savage, then kinda shrugs and goes ‘Well, Hawkgirl’s not up to finishing him off with the dagger we disarmed Savage of and then left on the floor in the 70s, so off to the 80s!’. Maybe stuff him in the deep freeze you established is in med bay until she’s up to it. Or maybe take advantage of the member of your team that has a gun capable of freezing lasers solid (silly as that may be) to incapacitate him.

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